Plan It Coach Logo 2017

Plan It Coach was founded in 2014 and since then has become an online community for a global audience of football/soccer coaches.

At Plan it Coach we are attempting to redefine the coaching community for a social generation. Our global community engages with our content – ranging from information, videos and session plans – thousands of times each and every month. Using mainly Twitter and Facebook, we’ve rapidly risen to become one of the web’s most prominent social football/soccer coaching communities.

As coaches ourselves we understand the challenges to the coaching community. Whether you are a grassroots coach working with a small group of young children for an hour a week, or a professional coach within a large club or structure, we will offer support and content relevant to your situation, and if we aren’t then tell us, we’re happy to tailor what we offer to specific needs or situations.

Whether by simply putting an idea into someones head with an interesting video or session plan or by engaging our audience in football/soccer coaching related issues important to them, we strive to make a positive difference to the beautiful game.